The materials which are recyclable, eco-friendly and not harmful to human health shall continue to remain in our life in the future. All of the materials which are used in our production plant are manufactured from the raw materials which are certified and eligible for foodstuff. In addition, the paper and cardboard production which are conforming to food contact is performed in our factory. As a company policy, Anıl Packaging Company, which always develops itself in this respect continues production considering the importance of Research & Development activities.


Anıl Packaging Company in a sense of fully aware of its mission and responsibilities has 30 years of experience on the domain of packaging production which is required for the hygienic and cosmetic products which directly impact human health. In addition to the conventional printing, it manufactures packagings with high added value with the applications of uv and multi lacquered offset printing over the metalised PET (Polyethylene Terephthalete) materials.


The cardboard packagings are still prefered for powder detergents due to they are durable and they have practical usage and they are eco-friendly. Owing to our single layered and startified polymer coating/lamination technology, our materials which are composed of cardboard and plastics of which we manufactured durable against humidity can satisfy alternative packaging solutions. We manufacture boxes with our precision trimming and bonding processes which ensure performance in filling machines and which shall make a difference for the end consumers.


In the tobacco industry, the packaging reflects the identity of the product inside. Special colour, lacquer and security printing, hologram gilded foil, internal and external sectional embossing applications are requested particularly both to attract attention of the consumers and make it difficult for imitation. The color quality and stability are of great importance in cigarettes packaging where high quality control standards should be applied. In order to provide performance in very fast filling machines of cardboard packaging, the die cutting process should be highly sensitive. Combining its knowledge and experience in cigarettes packaging production with modern printing technology, our company serves its customers in accordance with international quality standards.


Our company meets the demands of the pharmaceutical and the medical industry by considering the criteria of high level of safety, hygiene, quality and choosing the right materials. The single-layer (paper / PE or Alufoil / PE) and multi-stratified (paper / PE / Alufoil / PE) polymer based barrier paper / cardboard of which the pharmaceutical industry needs are manufactured with the extrusion coating and lamination technologies in our plant.


Every product used in our life are presented to their consumers in packagings. Manufacturing of the most appropriate packagings for the contents lies behind our company's technolgy and experience. Offering a quality solution partnership for 30 years to the packaging demands of our customers, our company offers a wide range of products in the non-food industry.