Anıl Packaging is committed to continuously improving its Environmental, Product Safety, Occupational Health and Safety Activities, keeping resource utilization at optimum level and to supporting environmental recycling within the framework of integrated management systems and applicable legislation.

ISO 9001:2015

Since 2007, Anıl Ambalaj has been managing the ISO 9001 Quality Management System in an integrated manner.


Has met BRC / IoP Global Packaging Standard requirements with “AA” degree by 2013. System requirements and certification processes are updated and managed annually.


The utilization of environmentally sensitive products is supported with “Forest Protection and Monitoring System”

Ministry of Agriculture Certificate of Registration.

The production is carried out in compliance with the provisions of all legislation within the framework of the regulations of packaging with food contact.


    Anıl Packaging adopts innovative quality approach at the center of all business processes and maintains and improves sustainable product quality by means of control methods in accordance with the international quality standards. In this respect, it has adopted the technical-analytical approach vision and has formed Research- Development approach with scientific logic and Quality Control approach which minimizes input and process risks by controlling product safety and quality in chemical and physical aspects with its team of experts in the field and by using contemporary quality tools. It continues Research-Development and Quality Control Investments in this context.