Our company has a wide range of prepress and post press machinery. In our production facility of 28.000 m² indoor area, we can respond to various orders via Heidelberg Offset printing machines, BOBST cutting and foil gilding machines, BOBST, VEGA and OMEGA folder gluer machines, CTP plate system, plastering, window patching, metalized coating, UV lac, lamination, extrusion coating and lamination lines used in manufacturing of cup cardboard and packaging material, cup cardboard slicing and winding machines according to the intended sizes and RFID contact-free plastic card production line.


GRAPHICS: Prior to printing, our specialized graphic staff provides our customers with all kinds of support in developing a brand new design or improving the existing design upon requests from our customers. In our graphics department, the works made by 3D visual models, high-tech proofers, calibrated monitors and light cabinets are prepared for printing in accordance with ISO 12647 standards via CAD software. In our Plotter cutting station, suitable models can be prepared which are suitable for the packaging paper and blade and it is brought into the most optimal model of the original and submitted to the approval of our customers prior to production.


SHEETING: Our paper and cardboard raw materials that stocked in reels are sheet cut and stacked ready for printing. This provides the minimum wastage in our packaging production and also stockpiling of the cardboards.

PRINTING: We have capability to produce ink by obtaining excellent results in our laboratory which is equipped with the latest system technology machines. The files which are ready for printing are moulded by using CTP technology and transmitted to the printing machines in digital media with CIP3 online dye information transfer technology. We have machinery capable of printing on paper, cardboard, OPP and metalized with thickness range of 0.03 mm - 1.00 mm by using conventional ink and UV inks in our 5 + 1 and 6 + 2 Heidelberg Offset Printing Machines with a maximum printing size of 75x105.

LAMINATION & METALIZED COATING:It is a surface coating process which is applied to the surface of some products such as brochures, files, book covers, cardboard packages both to be aesthetically appealing to the eye and to be more durable against water, oil and sun rays. Anıl Packaging which has metalised, cellophane and pearlised film lamination processes within its structure being specialized on this domain can apply all kinds of metalized, hologram and transparent film, hot glue technologies on the cardboards.

PLASTERING: Is a department which consists the backbone of our packaging where our cardboards are taken as semi-finished products and are completed with offset printing are combined with the corrugated cardboard. The main purpose of producing corrugated plastered box is directly proportional to the weight of the products to be placed in the packaging. The corrugated plastered boxes with offset printing protects the product from external impacts due to its strength and durability besides the visual quality.

WINDOW PATCHING:Acetate, PE, OPP or special cut acetate are adhered in different microns in these sections which are cut / perforated in different sizes and shapes in the preferred section or sections of the box. This application, which is mostly used in chocolate, chewing gum, confectionery, electronic, textile and tissue paper boxes, provides ease of use also in paper tissue boxes as well as the appearance of the product in the box.

CUTTING:Has the advantage of flexibility and quality with the cutting machines Bobst SP-102 / Spanthera 106 / SP-130 which are the most famous cutting technology brands in the World. On this line, the offset printed products are cut maximum 130 cm with special blades mounted on the cutting mat and prepared according to the sample.

FOIL-EMBOSSING-LACQUER: We reflect your distinctive and unique designs that are designed for your branded products with Bobst SP-104 Foiling Machines to your packaging as an essential element of your visuality. We support this originality and elasticity with embossing and lacquer applications.

GLUING:After cleaning the edges of the cut products even the most difficult surfaces are bonded on folding and gluing machines depending on the box type.


The printed and bonded products are counted and packaged and are transferred to the warehouse to be shipped to the customers. The entire production area, including the shipping warehouse, has constant temperature and humidity values. Thus, automatically filled boxes can work smoothly on our customers' product filling lines.