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Cardboard packagings are materials which perfectly presents the product they contain to the consumers and create eagerness to buy due to their convenience for single-sided or duplex printing. Taking easily form, having a structure to keep their shapes and also their easy foldings are the utmost advantages. Since they are rapid recyclable and eco-friendly materials, they continue to be involved in our every aspect of life.
We deliver innovative and convenient, our customer-oriented cardboard packaging solutions by renovating our technology every year with the same excitement and passion since 1999 to date.


Lamination of materials in diverse types such as paper/cardboard, alufoil, nonwoven, woven with various polymers enables to obtain products which have single layer and stratified barrier. Such materials can deliver particular solutions for many industries since they preserve the characteristics of every main material (such as; light – oxygen – humidity – aroma tightness, heat-sealing). Anıl Packaging can manufacture single layered and stratified barrier materials for beverages, foodstuff, construction insulation, medical and other sectors with its next-generation extrusion machines.
Paper/cardboard between the range of 30 gsm-450 gsm and up to 176 cm reel width, Alufoil of 7 micron thickness, woven and nonwoven materials can be coated or laminated with LDPE, HDPE, PP, EVA, ionemers as single sided or duplex in our plant.
Due to coextrusion features of our machines which have maximum speeds of 300 m/min. and 400 m/min. Two diverse polymer / copolymer can be extruded at the same time and corona surface treatment techniques can be applied. A homogenous grammage distribution can be obtained on the materials with the capability of automatic thickness measurement and adjustment.



We lead the way in playing cards manufacturing in Turkey with the “Angora” brand of which we started to operate in 1999 with significant technological investment and a sales network. We continue to serve you with the motto of “Every card game is a world” which was launched in 2012. We added "Drop Site," which was awarded the Best Card Game award in Premio Archimede 2010 design contest and a paced concentration game “Grisbi” to our collection. You can review all the details about the playing cards on the link below.


RFID cards can run without contact with a high frequency of 13.56 mhz. They are more advantageous than other card systems in many ways. Owing to the fact that no physical contact is required to the reader, impossibility of being copied by others and their special protections against deformation, it ensures that passing of personnel through the gates are more quickly and smoothly. They have dimensions that can be carried even in wallets. They are manufactured as hotel door cards with magnetic tapes or non-contact with special customization for your company which also save you the trouble of carrying door keys.
In addition, we can manufacture the corporate identity cards as plastic cards without chips or non-contact (chip) plastic cards which are customised specially for the company designed to include personnel identity and company information.