The paperboard, which is an enduring, natural, renewable material, is produced with virgin fiber that is obtained from wood or with recycled fiber.

Being single or multi-layered, this material can be WLC (recycled), FBB, SBB, Kraft, etc. with different grammage and gauges.

Technological developments in producing paperboards provide folding carton producers with a lot of opportunities.  There are moisture and grease resistant, hi bulk, resistance to freezer, OBA free, PE, PP or PET film laminated etc. types available. So, usage and preference areas of folding cartons are increasing day by day.

The paper and the paperboard have to be processed in machines with advanced technology in order to sustain high quality. Our company always has this in mind when investing in machinery.



Our expert graphic personnel gives support in creating a new or improving an existing design according to the requirements of our customers. In our prepress department, the artworks are prepared via CAD software, digital cutting machines and color management monitors according to ISO 12647 standards.

The artworks suitable for printing are processed throughout RIP and the plates are prepared by an online CTP within FOGRA-UGRA standards. With our CIP3/CIP4 interface and color management system the color deviations are minimized during the printing process. In our ink mixing laboratory, we produce accurate pantone colors using our ink formulation software. 



Paper and cardboard raw materials that we stock in reels are sheet cut and stacked to make ready for sheet fed offset printing.



Thanks to our new generation two sheet fed offset printing machines that we can print on the paper and the cardboard between the ranges
of 0.03 mm - 1.00 mm thickness by using conventional ink.

In our 6 color + double coating printing machine, UV ink and coating are used as well as conventional inks. UV ink can be applied on metalized paper and lenticular jobs. Also, with the double coating technology, primer, dispersion, uv coating combinations can be made to get special effects like drip off, soft touch, spot coating etc.

Our printing presses are calibrated in every six months according to ISO 12647 standards.



Film lamination is an operation that is applied to some productions such as brochures, file, book cover and folding boxes in order to make them look aesthetically fine and also durable against water, oil and light. Anil Packaging, can apply all kinds of metalized, hologram and transparent film on cardboard with hot glue technologies.

Corrugated sheet lamination, on the other hand, is used to laminate offset printed boards to corrugated boards which helps to get high quality printed and durable boxes to carry its product safely and put on the shelves.



In different microns of acetate, PE, OPP are cut and glued on preferably the window cut or perforated areas of the cardboard.  With this application mostly used in chocolate, chewing gum, candy, electronic, textile and paper tissue boxes, the aim is to make it easy to see what’s inside and to have an ease of use.



Die-cutting department, which is equipped with the die cutters, hot foiling machines from the most known technology brand, has an advantage of flexibility and quality.
In this process, the printed sheet is cut with special cutting knives, stripped and blank separated in the stations of the die cutter. Preferably the sheets can also be embossed, debossed and hot foil stamped.  The flat blanks are ready to further processing or for shipment to the customer.

In the folding and gluing stations the flat blanks are side, lock bottom,  four or six corner glued to transform to folding boxes and they are ready to be packed and palletized in accordance with the agreement specifications and prepared for dispatch to our customers.



We can produce single and multi-layered barrier type boards for sectors of beverage, food, construction, health and others with new generation extrusion machines.

Between the range of 30 gsm and 450 gsm and up to 176 cm width reels of paper/cardboard, 7 microns thick Alufoil, woven and nonwoven materials can be coated or laminated single or double sided with LDPE, HDPE, PP, EVA, lonemers, Bioresins.

We can simultaneously extrude two different polymers/copolymers using its coextrusion capability, and we can apply alternative surface treatment techniques like corona and flame. Thanks to the automatic thickness measurement and automatic die adjustment capabilities, a homogeneous grammage distribution can be achieved easily on the material surfaces.



Our sturdy and 600m/min speed slitting technology is designed for paper and paperboard up to 2100 mm reel widths for multi slit applications with its two unwinder system. It is also universal for film slitting applications.

The accurate edge, tension and contact pressure control technologies leads to reliable, fast and excellent roll quality.



Anil Packaging, having an innovative quality approach in the center of all the work process, protects and improves its sustainable production quality with quality control methods that are proper to international quality standards.

In this direction, with expert staff, by using modern quality tools and checking product safety and quality in terms of chemical and physical aspects and minimizing data and process risks it has adopted technical-analytical approach vision, created R&D mind and quality control approach.