Laminating different types of materials such as paper/carton, aluminium foil, nonwoven, woven with various polymers provides to obtain single-layer and multi-layer products with barriers. Since these products have the characteristics (e.g. light-oxygen-humidity-aroma proofing, heat sealing) of each main material, they can provide special solutions for many sectors.

Anıl Ambalaj, with its new generation extrusion machines, is able to provide single and multi-layer materials with barriers for sectors such as beverage, food, construction insulation, healthcare and so on.

In our facility, materials such as paper/paperboard rolls up to width of 176 cm and in the range of 30 gsm - 450 gsm, 7-micron Alufoil, woven and nonwoven can be coated or laminated single or double sided with LDPE, HDPE, PP, EVA, lonemers, Bioresins.

With our extrusion coating machine having a 300 m/min maximum speed, we can simultaneously extrude two different polymers/copolymers using its coextrusion capability, and we can apply alternative surface treatment techniques like corona and flame. With the automatic thickness measurement and automatic die adjustment capabilities, homogeneous grammage distributions can be achieved easily on the material surfaces.


We produce PE coated cup stock board between 170-330 gsm which is a raw material increasingly used for the production of paper cups for hot and cold drinks both in the local and international markets.

We are proud of producing the first 100 % domestic cup stock board with Ancup brand in our country in 2014. Our products which are produced from 100 % virgin wood fiber are extrusion coated with LDPE on sigle or double side. Having a flexible and good heat seal characteristics they work with high performance in cup forming machines. Our products, in accordance with the food codex regulations, are also used for ice-cream, soup bowls, folded trays in addition to paper cups. With our principle of quick delivery, we produce solutions for inefficient stocking or abroad materials dependency of our customers.



With paper-board/PE and paper-board/PE/Alufoil/PE laminations, we are able to produce various types of  food materials with barriers suitable for food contact, proofing of humidity, oil, oxygen, aroma, light, and at the same time carrying heat sealing features by the PE material they have. Several examples are listed below.

  • Fast food and wrap folding papers,
  • Fried chips and corns carton packages,
  • Gum and candy boxes,
  • Papers for stick candies, salt and spices, baking powder,
  • Tea packages,
  • Instant soup packages,
  • Margarin, butter, bouillon foils,
  • Coffee and powdered drink packages.


Single-layered and multi-layered materials with barriers are used increasingly in the medical sector. Usually, with laminations of paper-board/PE, paper -board/PE/Alufoil/PE, Nonwoven/PE, these productions below can be derived:

  • Refreshing tower
  • Table sheet
  • Soap and shampoo packages
  • Detergent boxes
  • Covering fabrics for patients- Medicine and medical stuff package


The polymer coated barrier materials are requested in many industrial areas. Main materials such as board, paper, alufoil, reinforced net, woven, nonwoven are compounded in our machines with different polymers such as LDPE, HDPE, PP and the alternative productions below could be obtained:

  • Damp insulation material
  • Net-reinforced steel protection package
  • Cement bags
  • Furniture and bed protection package

Please contact us for your special material requirements.