22 – 25 October 2015 Eurasia Packaging Fair (Istanbul)


21. International Packaging Industry Fair
We are proud to present Marincup cup stock board to our customers after Ancup  cup stock board in the organization of Eurasia Packaging Fair Istanbul that is held every year and is the biggest fair in the region having over 5000 foreign visitors.
Marincup is a LDPE coated cup stock that is made of %100 cellulose and appropriate for food contact conditions. With single or two-sided LDPE coating, it offers a trustworthy impermeability feature in hot and cold drinks.
It is ideal for any size of cup making with its large basis weight and it's also used in paper tray and paper bowls. Marincup can work in cup making machines with a good performance even with low basis weights thanks to its great toughness and flexibility features.
We have completed our fair organization successfully. Thanks for your attendance and support.